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Recapping - Apricons

You know, Jhoto is a lot different then Hoenn in many ways. Besides the Pokemon and the towns, I noticed that Jhoto even has different kinds of berries and fruit. I remember I made the mistake of picking at the first bush I saw and chomping on the fruit. Turns out I took a bite out of an apricorn, which is used to make pokeballs (or so I remember from the old man in Azelea Town). I couldn't feel my jaw for the next few days and ate my meals out of straws. ^^; I'll remember to try not to eat mysterious fruit next time.

Jun. 5th, 2009

Hm... Life's been really slow, my journey seems to be losing its high points. I need something exciting in my life. A boyfriend would be nice. Where did all the good days go?
Ah, I was sitting in this cute mini cafe when I heard this song come up. I was so fascinated by the lyrics that I had to have the song. Oh, the words are beautiful, I wish I had a prince like that of my feet and away. =w=

So I thought I'd share the song with you guys.


I just bought a box of Snover berries and they were delicious! Oh, I wish I had my own Snover so I can eat them whenever it's warm. TTATT I really should have caught one when I was up at Snowpoint City. Now that I think about it, they're really cute. ;A;


Hooray, friends!

Wow, this place is so cool! I found some old friends here! I met up with Ash (haspokemon) again and then there's Brock (brock_wants_luv), Dawn (ookikujump) and Zoey (nozomi_zoey) but they haven't really responded yet...

I also found some new friends too! I met this guy named Paul (tsukaenai) and he's pretty cool. He gave me some really delicious cake. I wonder if I can get him into Pokemon Coordinating...?


First post guys!

Hi there! My first post! I'm so excited to be here, I wonder what kind of people I'll meet. ...Oh, how silly of me, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm May, from Petalburg of Hoenn. I'm a Pokemon Coordinator and I aim to be the best! ^_^ Nice to meet you all!

I wonder if there's anyone I know that's here...

Oh, I chose the most cutest layout here. The donphan on the top banner reminds me of that time at Donto Island... ...Ah, actually, I'm not sure if I want to talk about it.


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